José Luis Moscovich

General Director

62nd Season  2017-18


Orchestra Auditions Contact For questions about the auditions or audition process, please contact José Luis Moscovich
General Director 650-843-3900x6000

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West Bay Opera's season consists of three fully-staged productions that take place in mid-October, mid-February and late May every year. There are four performances of each production. There are typically two orchestra readings, a sitzprobe and two orchestra dress rehearsals for each production, for a total of 9 services per production, or 27 services per season.  Average pay per service is over $100 (depending on seniority and other provisions of the CBA.)  Performances are on two consecutive weekends. Readings are held typically on Saturday morning and sitzprobes are on Sunday night. The two orchestra dresses are held on Tue and Wed of the week leading up to opening night.  Performances are Friday night (8 p.m. opening night) and Sunday 2 p.m. matinee, and the following Saturday night (8 p.m.) and Sunday 2 p.m. matinee.

2018 Orchestra Auditions

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